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Meet the owner, GEO, Assistant of Professor, PhD of math, Dr. Ahmed Khalaf Al Zubaydi

Meet the owner, CEO, Assistant Professor. PhD in Math, Dr. Ahmed Khalaf Al Zubaydi.

Dr. Ahmed has more than 20 years of marketing and management experience in Uzbekistan and multicultural skills as well 

We are here to help businesses enter into the market of Uzbekistan, buy & sell across Uzbekistan's borders hassle-free

 We can help you discover a new market, find the right partners     

Our professionals speak several languages, such as: English, Russian, Arabic and Uzbek.

A broad base of industry professionals allows us to provide quality support to customers, regardless of their area of business.

Our services

No matter what the size of your operation, we can leverage our areas of expertise to create unique business solutions.


Our Company is an international trade and import/export management company, based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Since 1996 we've been helping foreign businesses integrate and orientate in the Uzbek market, find partners, employees, business contacts, participate in exhibitions, forums, etc. 

We serve businesses of all sizes and offer guidance and comprehensive support in trade with the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Our diverse and multilingual team, experienced in international trade can help interested parties located worldwide, purchase and import products, services, technologies and equipment. We guide our partners to reach their goals and get success in a new market.


Benefits of working with us


- Access to suppliers, service providers and customers in Uzbekistan;

- Support with Product Localization;

- Assistance with market entry, customs, warehousing, B2B and B2C distribution;

- Access to in-house help of our international trade, legal, tax and customs professionals.


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